Global Criminal Database Check

Companies and organization’s reputations can be threatened by a wrong employee. That is why an authentic criminal record verification for employees is necessary.

Proquest provides global criminal record verification with the help of our global database. Our technology runs checks on employees globally to check for any criminal activity. 

Known for best industry practices Proquest has access to the best database across the world.

We have access to the following database to cover your Business need:-

  • Global law enforcement dataset
  •  Criminal database check-India database
  •  Compliance database
  •  Banned companies dataset
  •  Diploma mills/ unaccredited universities dataset
  •  OFAC + database
  •  Alleged terrorist dataset
  •  Suspect employers dataset
  •  911 Subpoena
  •  Global Regulatory Dataset
  •  Global Financial Regulatory Dataset
  •  Global Terrorist (Govt Agencies) Dataset