Address Verification

Knowing the precise location and address of an employee is important as it helps to build trust.

Address verification is important to reduce fraud and other criminal activity. It also helps the authority in a smooth investigation if needed in the future.

Proquest offers following address checks

Also called the temporary correspondence address it is where the applicant is staying currently. These checks are conducted through a physical check visit by an executive. The following information is collected during the background check. Temporary addresses are handled carefully to determine the authenticity.

  • Is the candidate staying at the address mentioned
  • Duration of stay
  • Type of accommodation
  • Details of individual who confirmed the information
  • Standing in the locality
permanent ADDRESS 

This is the main address of the employee and address that appears in government documents. This address is more reliable than a temporary address as it is the official address. .During permanent address verification following information is verified.

  • Type of accommodation
  •  Is the address provided by the candidate is matching at the time of physical check visit
  • Relationship of owner with the candidate
  • Standing in Locality
  • Details of individual who confirmed the