Social Media Verification - ProquestCS

While hiring employees, businesses now consider an Individual’s Online reputation while pre-employment screening.

Passport Pan check Verification - ProQuest

Passport is the one legal document that is accepted and recognized worldwide. Falsification of passports has become common and that makes passport verification a necessity.

Criminal Record Verification - Proquest Cs

Companies and organization’s reputations can be threatened by a wrong employee. That is why an authentic criminal record verification for employees is necessary.

Refernce check verification - PQcs

Verification of the reference given by the employee is important to check the suitability of the candidate for the job offer.

Drug Abuse Screening - Proquestcs

Drug abuse screening is an important part of the Background verification of an employee. This helps organizations to work in drug-free environments. Every organization needs a reliable screening partner.

Address Verification - Proquestcs

Address verification is important to reduce fraud and other criminal activity. It also helps the authority in a smooth investigation if needed in the future.

Educational Background Verifiaction - Proquestcs

Proper education verification is crucial nowadays as people who seek jobs desperately might forge their qualifications. Recent statistics show that resume falsification by employees is increasing.

Court Record Verification - Proquest CS

We determine if there is potential liability on the part of our client. We vigorously defend against any payment or settlement.

Vendor Due Dilgence & KYC - Proquest Cs

Companies should be aware while conducting business with different vendors as well as venturing into partnerships & especially offering credit to business Clients

Employment Verification - Proquestcs

Prospective candidates can forge documents during the interview process in order to land a high paying job.