Let’s talk about how the whole self background check for employment & freelancers works in India. The process, authenticity, professional intervention, let’s shed some light on these aspects.

In today’s era, there’s a dire necessity of authentication for almost any job or a freelance project. The word ‘Due Diligence’ has been habitual in the hiring process and having the background check done adds another ‘valuable’ document to your file.

It is noted that the chances of employment increases when an applicant has their ‘Proper Background Check’ done but the word, ‘Proper’ differs for many.

Even if you do a little google search about the same, the information that you get is like potato, potahto’. So, we reached out to our executives from Proquest to give us little ideas about the background check process.

Self Background Check for Employment & Freelancers:

Here are few of the parameters involved in the self background check process. It varies from one agency to another but the below mentioned points are good for reference.

  • Just like passport verification for self background check for employment, the verification from police is the primary thing.
  • Documentation is the key. Make sure you have a permit to work, national identity, medically eligible certificate (in some cases).
  • Clearance of your pics from Social Media is one common practise. Imagine, you’re having a pic in the tagged section of Instagram which your friend clicked when you were high… Keep a watch on it.
  • Check your presence in open public records like National Archives and make sure you’ve nothing to hide there.
  • Provide your information on relevant sites like freelancer, Tapchief and many more so that if someone makes a google search about you, the details shall speak for itself. Highly recommended for freelancers.

To be honest, these are not the exact parameters of how an agency of background verification service would work, but these parameters are highly recommended for an individual to get their self background check done with an ease. However, we would recommend you to speak with our executives for professional assistance. Click to make a free enquiry.

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