Background Check in India is an important process for any company before hiring an employee, this process is parallelly done with the recruiting process itself. Once the background verification is cleared, then the employee will be hired. In case, if the person gets rejected during the background verification, he might lose the opportunity of employment.

Employees not just only work at your firm, but they have access to your data and company details. We do see many news articles that company’s data has been misused and, in most cases, we see people working at that particular firm only do this.  What if it happens with your company or agency? So, it’s better for every company should have a background check. Not just data privacy, hiring a wrong employee who carries fake experience, fake certificates is also not good for the company. Just to make sure that you are hiring the perfect employee, a background check is necessary.

Companies in India run background checks in different ways for example MNC’s hire a third-party agency, in small firms usually HR will be verifying the basic details, for government jobs they collect the address proofs, records from district magistrates etc.

About Background Verification in India

1 in 10 candidates in India have lied about their education on their resume by putting fake degrees and fake experiences.

When you hire a new employee, it is not just you test the technical skills but also do conduct a background check simultaneously. Education, Nationality, Previous Work Experience – these are 3 things where a background verification company focuses and verifies.

Companies are conducting background verification checks to get information about employee work history, criminal records, educational certificates, and address proof. Today, almost all firms and companies are running background checks of their employees before hiring them.

Let’s see what all are being verified during this process.

Educational Background Check

First step in background verification is Educational Background Check. A complete validation of educational documents will be verified here which includes schooling, graduation and any PG documents (TC, Bonafides and Memos). This process is done to identify the fake and original documents. In some cases, they will even contact your educational institutions to make the verification complete.

There are many people who submit fake educational records through colleges and universities that don’t even exist.

Employment Background Check

In this, we verify the complete employment history of a candidate including previous work experience, credit history, pay slips etc.

Fake Experience is something which many people do and these certificates are being provided by some agencies. In a few cases, the team will check the previous experience in which company they mentioned as working earlier, they are going to verify the employee details from the past company. If the experience is genuine, they would be in or they have been failed at background verification.

Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check is a legal investigation of a person’s criminal record check, they may search for national, general, state, and county databases to provide information about a candidate’s criminal history. In order to protect company data and risk this criminal background check is done. A criminal background check generally takes between one to three business days, but can be returned much faster depending on the database that is being searched.

The companies can easily access your court records and criminal history from any law enforcement agency to check if the candidate has any records of criminal behavior.

Address Verification

These days shifting to big cities for their education and job purpose is quite common but there are people who keep on shifting many times and we really don’t know what the purpose would be. To avoid this kind of situation companies, do an address verification, which includes permanent and temporary addresses verification, this will be even cross checked with ID Proof.

In few address verifications, people also visit the physical locations to check out the candidate’s address.

Apart from these other kinds of background checks are drug test, id proof check, fingerprint check and bank account.

Above mentioned 4 background checks are mostly done by all companies before hiring an employee.

If you know more about this please share your points down in the comment box, let everyone know the importance of background verification.

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