Individual Service

Proquest verified tag is a mark or trust and credibility. With it’s help you can stand out and make a mark on people you want to be associated with.

You can flaunt this tag on your resume, website, social media and networking sites

Proquest has extensive reach and network in the industry. With the help of our in-house team of specialists who network with industry, educational institutions and other information service providers to tap into any database. We cover the entire length and breadth of the country to verify the details submitted to us.

On an average the Report is generated within 3 – 25 days based on the number of components to be verified. It also depends on the accuracy and clarity of information provided by you.

To Initiate the Check, follow this procedure:

  • Go to Services → Individuals services
  • Select the Best Package for you.
  • Make the payment through our gateway
  •  Mail us the documents to be verified, 

( education documents, past employment details, resignation letters, address proofs, passport copies etc) to

For all the transitions, we use a CC Avenue gateway. Any information that is available with Proquest is legal and we do not get into Malpractices. You can read our legal and privacy policy to know more.

The Report that is generated is to be presented to your employer/recruiter along with the Unique reference code. This will establish a lot of credibility at your end.

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