Corporate Service

Yes, Proquest has an extensive network all across India through which We offer more than 12 components of verification Pan India.
A professional Background check done by a certified Organization like Proquest is always more reliable. It saves the company’s valuable time and resources too.
The services provided by Proquest are very economical. Our prices are in tune with industry standards for the quality of service we provide.
Proquest provides the data to the clients through reports. All the reports provided by Proquest are Auditable.Proquest does provide the required written confirmations from the authorities concerned along with their contact information.
The documentation process at Proquest is very simplified. After the service contract is signed, HR concerned is apprised of the documents to be collated for various checks. /span>
Yes, Proquest is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Organization and a A member of NASSCOM.  
Proquest has an in-house System to share reports. Clients are given a Username and password for viewing the reports online. They can also raise discrepancies.
Yes, Proquest conducts overseas Checks.We undertake employment, reference, education and international criminal database checks in USA , Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe

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