Streamlined Employment BGV Screening Services in India

Background Verification of a job candidate is important because it ensures a secure workplace, skillful candidates, employee’s attitude and approach towards the work, due diligence to avoid liabilities, promotes honesty, and a fast onboarding process.

We at ProQuest believe that a background check is an opportunity to save your company in the long run. It is a chance to verify the information provided by the job applicant, and it might reveal something that is intentionally left out or by mistakes such as address and criminal records. Your applicant’s background is a goldmine of data through which you can predict your company’s future. Top-tier background research into the applicant’s details will help the company to make more informed decisions.

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Our Employee Background Check Services

Companies in India need state-of-the-art background verification services to cut losses, increase revenue, and avoid fraud. Here are the background verification services that will do the needful:


Employment Verification

We conduct pre-employment background checks as well as employee background checks. Our background checks will assist you in hiring the best employees with a clean record and perfectly matched skills. With our automated and authentic background checks, you can avoid all kinds of risks.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

It is essential to look into the history and background of any vendor or organisation with whom your company is going to consider partnering. To avoid losses, due diligence is the qualitative and quantitative background check method used to verify details about the vendor/partner. Details to be verified encompass everything from market reputation to the vendor's financial records.


Court Record Verification

We firmly believe in presenting proof of authenticity with records of our background checks, In case of court record verification, we deliver any civil or criminal proceedings deemed necessary while doing the employee background check.


Educational Verification

As the name suggests, we also check if the education details provided by the candidates are valid. Employees’ productivity and work performance depend on their educational background. We weed out fake college transcripts and degrees and avoid fraudsters.


Address Verification

Address verification is a mandatory procedure in any company’s hiring and background check process. It is crucial because it could be used to send corporate assets to the right person at the right address and also helps build trust.


Drug Abuse Screening

Any kind of substance abuse is not tolerated in the work environment. We screen candidates and see if they have any drug-related history. Drug usage background checks have become a norm in many companies. Hiring someone who might be an addict is detrimental to the company’s reputation.


Reference Verification

Job candidates provide references to get an edge over others in the interview. However, those references can be forged as well, so it is crucial that we check the authenticity of those references. The work and skills highlighted in those references should be validated. We verify references through candidates, peers, and supervisors.


Global Criminal Database Check

Checking the criminal background of the candidate is a must. We have the most updated global criminal database integrated with our cutting-edge technology. Many times employees try to withhold sensitive criminal backgrounds to get the job. The company is liable if that person engages in another criminal activity. To avoid such liabilities, we do a global criminal database check.


Passport / Pan Check

A passport is that one document that is recognized worldwide. Pan card is vital to check identity as it is issued by the Government of India. We offer fast and reliable passport and pan card checks. The process of sending your employees onsite will get easier once you are certain that their documents are genuine and not forged.


Social Media Scan

Social media scan is a new type of background check where we make use of our unique tools and procedures to crawl the online presence of the candidate. This type of background verification gives us an overview of the candidate’s attitude and behavior. It also gives us an idea of the candidate’s potential involvement in something wrong that may hamper the company’s reputation.


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Our unique background verification process goes through an automated software, developed by our company. With this software the process is highly accurate and fast. You’ll get the finest, most authentic, and most experienced verification team backing you up.
Proquest provides data security and affordable services with help of cutting-edge technology. Fast TATs, High Quality, and affordable prices are tailored based on needs and business requirements. Background check companies in India customize solutions to cater to all the verifications that are asked for.
The most used background check company in India is Proquest. Our Background verification package is all that a company would require to avoid any fraud. The verification services we offer include social media scans, educational and employment verification, passport and pan check and more.
Usually when a candidate refuses to get a background check done, then that is a major indicator of a red flag followed by a Gaps In Employment, to know more about such red flags, refer this article.
The applicant's employment history changes each time they change jobs, enrol in education institutions, change address etc, Thus it is recommended to conduct a re-screening every two to five years to keep the database updated.