Social media scan is a new type of background check where we make use of our unique tools and procedures to crawl the online presence of the candidate. This type of background verification gives us an overview of the candidate’s attitude and behavior. It also gives us an idea of the candidate’s potential involvement in something wrong that may hamper the company’s reputation.

While hiring employees, businesses now consider an Individual’s Online reputation during pre-employment screening.

Proquest employs credible and unique tools to perform an elaborate social media scan for a prospective candidate.

Social media scan is important to

  • Establish the identity of an employee
  • To ensure that individuals are using the internet according to the companies' IT policy
  • To help investigate suspicious employees
  • To reduce reputational and security risks to the organization

We scan 25,000 media sources across the world including news reports and archives to make the process foolproof.

Proquest offers Social media scans for pre-employment & existing employees. For customized offers, write to us at

Proquest has developed its in-house HR Database thereby minimizing the time taken for initiating the employment checks.

Fully conversant with ex-employment procedures of various companies, Proquest works by saving the valuable time and resources of the HR Department.

Proquest offers packages for periodical checks and checks for existing employees. For customized offers, write to us at


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The services any of the background check companies provide are tailored to the client’s needs and business requirements. Proquest is a background verification company in Delhi with resources and large databases to enquire and verify an individual's submitted details to the company.
There are various background check companies in Delhi that are hired or tied up for services to enquire about the details submitted by the candidate. Proquest is one such company that offers top-tier Background Check Services in Delhi.
The background verification process is divided into two categories, Corporate, and Individual background checks. Therefore the pricing range of background checks differs depending on the categories and services selected for your employee background check.
Yes, proquest provides Background verification services in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and also covers all states of India. Employee verification in India is a crucial part of a business as an employee is the biggest asset of your company. Now hiring can be easy with us!
Candidates applying for a job that requires more security and clearance have to go through an extensive one when compared to the others. Background check companies in Delhi have various BGV services to offer such as Global criminal database checks, Educational and Employment verification checks and many more.

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in Delhi