Will Covid 2nd Wave Increase Employee Layoffs Again In India?

Nationwide, COVID19 cases are all-time high and many states have announced lockdowns. So will there be layoffs of employees again in India? Last year, when the whole world was under lockdown among those crores of people globally who lost their job suddenly, most of them were Indians who got laid off by employers. More than 12.5 crore Indians were jobless and stats say that only 60% of them were rehired by the companies. Being a background verification company, we always…

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How Does Self Background Check For Employment & Freelancers Works?

Let’s talk about how the whole self background check for employment & freelancers works in India. The process, authenticity, professional intervention, let’s shed some light on these aspects. In today's era, there’s a dire necessity of authentication for almost any job or a freelance project. The word ‘Due Diligence’ has been habitual in the hiring process and having the background check done adds another ‘valuable’ document to your file. It is noted that the chances of employment increases when an…

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Background Verification Importance in India Explained by Proquest CS

In this blog, professionals from Proquest explains the background verification importance in India for transparent hiring. When we say ‘recruitment’, the process was quite easy as it was all in person. In fact, a recent survey with hiring professionals revealed that it is tougher to hire people with online interviews. So, background verification comes to the rescue to help the hiring process. Professionals from Proquest Mentioned the Following Importance of Background Verification in India: Background Verification Helps Decrease Fraudulent Activities:…

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How background check in india works

How Background Check in India Works? Process & Details | Proquest

Background Check in India is an important process for any company before hiring an employee, this process is parallelly done with the recruiting process itself. Once the background verification is cleared, then the employee will be hired. In case, if the person gets rejected during the background verification, he might lose the opportunity of employment. Employees not just only work at your firm, but they have access to your data and company details. We do see many news articles that…

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