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Hyderabad is a world-famous Indian city known for its vibrant heritage and is at the heart of Telangana. It’s the largest city, an economic hub, and also the capital of the state of Telangana. It is dubbed the city of pearls due to it being the sole city that traded diamonds back in the 18th century. Since then, a lot has changed in and for the city. From being under the Mughals and Nizams dynasties to housing pharma and IT corporate dynasties, Hyderabad has come a long way.

Hyderabad has grown to house large industries from various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, retail, real estate, information technology, automobile, etc. Many international and national companies established their offices in the special economic zones and HITECH City. It is only logical that with such growth in the number of companies, there will also be a spike in the number of job opportunities. Since employment opportunities are ever-growing, there is a necessity for authentic, fast, and reliable background verification services in Hyderabad.

Current Status of Background Verification Companies in Hyderabad

The Background Verification Companies in Hyderabad are slowly losing their authenticity because a lot of unprofessional companies have populated the market. With so many private background check companies in Hyderabad, it is hard for you to choose the right employee background check services. No business wants to put money into checking the background and still hire the wrong candidates.

Also, the HRs are now recognizing that background check is more than just a formality and requires professional knowledge and resources. Businesses can go with the cheapest background company, but they risk compromising on the quality of checks that happen. The hiring department understands that choosing the best among all professional background check companies in Hyderabad will help prevent fraud.

1 Lakh +
Background Verifications Performed
3k +
Discrepancies detected
Dedicated account manager
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Years Of Experience

Fastest-Growing BGV Company in Hyderabad

Companies in Hyderabad depend on human capital for their growth and success. The real question is; Are you investing in the right kind of human capital? The modern-day Hyderabad companies require people who are well-suited and groomed exactly for their job requirements. They should also have a clean background with no drug, fraud, or criminal past. Recruiting someone who passes all these background checks will give you an edge over competitors.

We at Proquest deploy a professional team of background verification experts who have more than 10 years of background check industry experience. Our methods and technologies are crafted to cater to today’s need for background verification in Hyderabad. In our background verification and screening process, we authenticate all the information that is provided by the job applicant. Our job is to find discrepancies in the information provided, and also search for information that may be intentionally or mistakenly hidden.

Our Employee Background Check Services in Hyderabad

Companies in Hyderabad need state-of-the-art background verification services to cut losses, increase revenue, and avoid fraud. Here are the background verification services that will do the needful:


Employment Verification

We do both pre-employment background verification and employee background verification.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

Due diligence is qualitative and quantitative check about the vendor to avoid any losses.


Court Record Verification

We believe in providing proof of authentication with our background verification records.


Educational Verification

We check if the education details provided by candidates are valid and remove fake degrees.


Address Verification

It is vital because it helps to build trust, and most importantly to send company assets.


Passport / Pan Check

We offer fast and reliable passport and pan card checks for a smooth verification process.

Customizable BGV Screening in Hyderabad

Whether it be small-scale startups or well-established MNCs, we at Proquest customize our background checks to suit any kind of requirement. Our price range attracts all companies because we make it reasonable and affordable for every business out there.

Your company will get full transparency where you will be able to access a dashboard on our portal that will house all the important background documents relating to the employee. The verification status will be continuously updated so that you can jump in anytime and check.


Mission and Vision

We believe in "Doing things right the first time and every time. With experience working with multiple companies of all levels, we made it clear to bring precise information. For a company before recruiting a person, this precise information is crucial to accelerate business decisions.

We provide customer delight with a strong Mission of giving the best customer experience.

  • A comprehensive background check company with a proven process and technical expertise.
  • Optimizing the screening and onboarding of talents in the organization.
  • Customised & tailor-made solutions honoring all our commitments.
  • To deliver flawless scrutiny in a fast turnaround time.
  • To enhance consistent deliverables and customer values through risk mitigation services.

Why Choose Proquest for background verification in Hyderabad?

ProQuest is one of the most dependable and authentic background check companies in Hyderabad right now.



To reach the truth, we have access to the most current technologies and methods.



Throughout Hyderabad, our company has earned the trust of over 100 clients by being reliable.


10+ Years of Experience

Having over 10 years of experience in the industry, our experts at Proquest have a wealth of collective knowledge.


Panel of Professionals

We offer both domestic and international background checks through our panel of professionals.


Varied BGV Services

We offer a variety of BGV services like Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Social Media Screening, Global Watchlist check, Document/Identity Verification, Employment Screening, Address Verification, Online Marksheet Verification, Drug check, Credit check, and much more.

Hyderabad – A Hub for MNC’s

1 lakh+ background verifications have been conducted across the country and abroad. We have served over 150+ clients In 10 years of verification experience.

Background Check, also called Background Verification, of potential employees, is crucial to a company’s success. The Background checks can be selective and the client’s HR department can demand either a simple check or a detailed check. Today, some companies require quarterly employee background checks and even a social media check to see a candidate’s candid nature. The labor you hire defines the success of your company. It is critical that the hiring department has the experience, skills, and resources to bring the company closer to its vision. A careless hire is very costly to the company.

In this day and age, all companies, whether they are MNC or small start-ups, have the need to do an authentic background check. Here is where ProQuest comes and puts something totally unique on the table.


Benefits of Background check

There are many background check companies in Hyderabad, but Proquest stands out. Here’s why:

Avoid Lawsuits By Hiring Right

In any business, theft and other illegal activities can account for 20% of losses, according to a survey. We can guarantee the avoidance of theft and fraud in the workplace because Proquest has expertise in checking someone's background. We conduct sophisticated and successful background checks on MNCs, which is why. For everyone involved, we want to create a secure work environment. Any business that disregards background checks runs the risk of facing legal trouble, losing money, and having its reputation damaged.

Catching Discrepancies In CV To Avoid Fraud

We use a stringent employee background check process that prevents from hiring candidates who hide criminal histories, instances of identity theft, and fraudulent academic credentials. Resources like database checks and software that validates digital credentials are used by our experts. For validation, they also conduct in-person studies. Our main goal is to assist businesses in making the best hiring decisions.

Security & Compliance

The background employee screening process at Proquest has been created to pass the strictest security and compliance checks. We currently rank among India's most dependable and genuine background check companies. We provide results that are credible and authentic. We adhere to all privacy laws and a legal process.

Save Company Costs

The reputation and potential for business growth are also factors to consider when hiring an employee in addition to the salary. Hiring a subpar employee entails taking a lot more risk than just losing a salary. It can harm productivity, team morale, and much more if an employee is underqualified or engages in misconduct. It is difficult to manage these types of employees. By simply avoiding such risks, ProQuest hopes to save millions of dollars in revenue.

Setting Hiring Standards

In India, the sector of background screening and verification is still developing. Companies should research the credentials, experience, and licences of the organisation they are hiring to conduct background checks. There shouldn't be any unsuitable candidates who end up being a hassle. Proquest has performed over 1Lakh+ verifications and has years of experience. In this quick-paced industry, we set the bar.

Employee Productivity Booster

A single bad fish can ruin an entire pond! The team's overall morale will improve if the new employee is a great fit and performs exceedingly well. Productivity can be increased by making the right hire. We will look for any illegal activity and unprofessional behaviour at work during our background checks. We work with you to hand-pick the ideal candidate for the position.

What Our Customers are Saying

Do you have

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The services any of the background check companies provide are tailored to the client’s needs and business requirements. Proquest is a background verification company in Hyderabad with resources and large databases to enquire and verify an individual's submitted details to the company.
There are various background check companies in Hyderabad that are hired or tied up for services to enquire about the details submitted by the candidate. Proquest is one such company that offers top-tier Background Check Services in Hyderabad.
The background verification process is divided into two categories, Corporate, and Individual background checks. Therefore the pricing range of background checks differs depending on the categories and services selected for your employee background check.
Yes, proquest provides Background verification services in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and also covers all states of India. Employee verification in India is a crucial part of a business as an employee is the biggest asset of your company. Now hiring can be easy with us!
Yes, proquest provides Background verification services in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and also covers all states of India. Employee verification in India is a crucial part of a business as an employee is the biggest asset of your company. Now hiring can be easy with us!

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in Hyderabad