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Delhi is the capital of India. Delhi is dubbed to be the most or the second-most productive metro city in India. The unemployment rate in Delhi is steadily declining. Delhi has a very long and important history in India. It has always been the center of many empires. The city had many rulers and their culture is part of the city to this day.

Delhi contributes almost 5% to the total GDP of the country. Manufacturing companies established their headquarters in the city after looking at the foreign investments. The service sector also has a huge chunk of the city’s workforce. With the startup culture going on, every year many new ventures step in and compete in the market.

Current Status of Background Verification Companies in Delhi

Due to the entry of unprofessional companies into the Delhi market, Background Verification Companies in Delhi are losing their credibility due to the number of private background check companies in Delhi, choosing the right employee background check service can be a challenging task. When a company invests in background checks, it does not want to hire candidates who are not qualified.

In addition, HR departments are now realizing that background checks require more than just a formality and need professional expertise and resources. By choosing the least expensive background check agency, businesses risk lowering the standard of their checks. The HR department is aware that securing the best background verification provider in Delhi will benefit in detecting fraud.

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Background Verifications Performed
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Fastest-Growing BGV Company in Delhi

Companies in Delhi depend on human capital for their growth and success. The real question is: Are you investing in the right kind of human capital? Companies in Delhi are now looking for employees with proper preparation and skills. Their background should also be clean, with no drug, fraud, or criminal past. A candidate who passes all these background checks will give you an edge.

At Proquest, our background verification experts have more than ten years experience. We have developed methods and technologies to meet today's background verification needs in Delhi. We authenticate all the information provided by applicants during our background screening process. Our job is to find discrepancies in the information provided, and also to search for information that may be intentionally or mistakenly hidden.

Our Employee Background Check Services in Delhi

To reduce losses, boost revenue, and prevent fraud, businesses in Delhi require cutting-edge background verification services. The following are the services that will perform the necessary background checks:


Employment Verification

We conduct pre-employment background checks as well as employee background checks.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

Due diligence is a qualitative and quantitative examination of the vendor to avoid losses.


Court Record Verification

With our background verification records, we believe in providing proof of authentication.


Educational Verification

We verify that the education information provided by candidates is correct and remove any fake degrees.


Address Verification

It is critical because it aids in the development of trust and, more importantly, the transfer of company assets.


Passport / Pan Check

We provide quick and dependable passport and pan card checks to ensure a smooth verification process.

Customizable BGV Screening in Delhi

We at Proquest tailor our background checks to any type of requirement, whether it is for a small-scale startup or a well-established MNC. Our pricing attracts all businesses because we make it reasonable and affordable for all businesses.

Your company will benefit from complete transparency, as you will be able to access a dashboard on our portal that will house all relevant background documents for the employee. The verification status will be updated regularly, so you can check it at any time.


Mission and Vision

We believe in "doing things right the first time and every time." We made it clear that we would bring precise information based on our experience working with multiple companies of all levels. This precise information is critical for a company before hiring a person to accelerate business decisions.

We provide customer delight with a strong Mission of providing the best customer experience.

  • A background check firm with a proven process and technical expertise.
  • Improving the organization's talent screening and onboarding processes.
  • Customized and tailored solutions that honor all of our commitments.
  • To provide flawless scrutiny in a short period.
  • Through risk mitigation services, we can improve consistent deliverables and customer values.

Why Choose Proquest for background verification in Delhi?

We are one of the most trustworthy and reliable background check companies in delhi.



We have cutting-edge technologies and methods for pursuing the truth.



We have gained the trust of over 100 clients throughout Delhi by being dependable.


Experience of 10+ Years

At Proquest, we have the collective knowledge of our excellent experts with more than ten years of industry experience.


Professional Advisory Board

Our team of experts provides checks in both Delhi and internationally.


Varied BGV Services

We do Document/Identity Verification, Employment Screening, Address Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Online Marksheet Verification, Drug Check, Credit Checks, Social Media Screening, Global Watchlist Checks, Economic Default Checks, and many other services are available through our BGV.

Delhi - A Hub For MNC's

1 Lakh+ Background Checks Have Been Processed Worldwide. Our Team Has Served Over 150+ Clients In 10 Years Of BGV Screening Experience.

Potential employee background checks, also recognised as background verification, are crucial to a company's success. Background checks can be selective, with the client's HR department requesting either a simple or detailed check. Some companies now require quarterly employee background checks as well as a social media check to determine a candidate's candidness. The labour you hire helps determine your company's success. It is critical that the hiring department has the necessary experience, skills, and resources to help the company achieve its goals. A careless hire costs the company a lot of money.

In this day and age, all businesses, whether MNCs or small start-ups, must conduct an authentic background check. This is where ProQuest enters the picture.


Benefits of Background check

Proquest stands out among the many background check companies in Delhi. The following is why:

Avoid Lawsuits By Hiring Right

According to one survey, theft and other illegal activities account for 20% of all business losses. Proquest has such expertise in checking an individual's background that we can guarantee the prevention of theft and fraud in the workplace. Because we conduct advanced and effective background checks for MNCs. We want to make the workplace a safe place for everyone. Any company that skimps on background checks risks legal, monetary, and reputational harm.

Catching Discrepancies In CV To Avoid Fraud

We perform strict employee background checks to eliminate applicants with hidden criminal backgrounds, identity fraud, fake educational certificates, and so on. Our experts employ resources including database checks and software to validate digital credentials. They also perform on-site validation investigations. We specialize in assisting businesses in selecting the right employees.

Security & Compliance

Proquest's background employee screening process has been designed to pass the most stringent security and compliance checks. We are currently one of the most trusted and authentic background check companies in India. We deliver results that are credible and authentic. We adhere to all privacy laws and follow a legal process.

Save Company Costs

When you hire someone, you consider not only the salary but also the reputation and potential for business growth. Hiring a bad employee means putting much more than a monthly salary at risk. If an employee is underqualified or commits misconduct, it can harm productivity, team morale, and much more. Managing these types of employees is a difficult task. As a result, ProQuest attempts to save millions of dollars in revenue simply by avoiding such risks.

Setting Hiring Standards

In India, the background verification and screening industry are still in its infancy. Companies should investigate the experience, licenses, and credentials of the company they are hiring to conduct background checks. No bad candidates should be allowed to pass through. Proquest has over 1Lakh+ verifications completed over the years. In this fast-paced industry, we set the standard.

Employee Productivity Booster

One bad fish can ruin the entire pond! If the hired newcomer is a good fit and does an excellent job, the team's morale will improve. Hiring the right person can boost productivity. Our background checks will look for any illegal activities or negative workplace attitudes. We assist you in selecting the best candidate for the job.

What Our Customers are Saying

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Our background check company's services are customised to the client's needs and business requirements. Proquest is a background verification company in Delhi with the resources and large databases to inquire and verify an individual's submitted information to the company.
There are several background check companies in Delhi that are hired or contracted to inquire about the information provided by the candidate. Proquest is one such company that provides the best background check services in Delhi.
The background verification process is divided into two parts: corporate background checks and individual background checks. As a result, background check pricing varies depending on the categories and services chosen for your employee background check.
Yes, Proquest offers background verification services in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, as well as throughout India. Employee verification in India is an important part of running a business because your employees are your most valuable asset. With us, hiring is now simple!
Candidates applying for jobs requiring more security and clearance must go through a more extensive screening process than others. Background check companies in Delhi provide a wide range of BGV services, including global criminal database checks, educational and employment verification checks, and many others.

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in Delhi