In this blog, professionals from Proquest explains the background verification importance in India for transparent hiring.

When we say ‘recruitment’, the process was quite easy as it was all in person. In fact, a recent survey with hiring professionals revealed that it is tougher to hire people with online interviews.

So, background verification comes to the rescue to help the hiring process.

Professionals from Proquest Mentioned the Following Importance of Background Verification in India:

Background Verification Helps Decrease Fraudulent Activities:

It is a known fact how easy it is to commit a malpractice when it is remote hiring and online tests. Even experienced recruiters can’t find this immediately. It can be found only after a month or so. The Background verification can eradicate all this chaos by rightly knowing the expertise of the candidates that he or she claims to have.

Verification of Documents, Very Important:

The usage of ‘fake experience certificates’ and educational documents is nothing new. It just increased over the remote hiring and working where the documents are verified in digital format. The background verification helps in checking the authenticity of the documents in the very first step.

Character Check of Candidates to Ensure Safe Workplace:

The total criminal and legal background verification is not just an option but a necessity of any firm to ensure the hiring of the right candidate. In some companies, it is a legal obligation of undergoing candidates under the proper screening makes the hiring safer

Hire 3rd Party for Background Check:

Most of the companies do their background verification in India by themselves but there’s always something left out. Professionals from Proquest also said that there are many cases when the candidate’s reverification was requested. So, it is important that the background check is given out to professionals.

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