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Mumbai; also known as Bombay till 1995 is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. Mumbai is in the hearts and minds of many aspiring and passionate people. No one has ever turned a blind eye towards Mumbai because it has a strong hold on the populace. It is dubbed the city that never sleeps, and is the primary center for India’s finance, commercials, and the most famous entertainment industry, Bollywood.

Mumbai is built on top of seven islands that were initially inhabited by the Koli fishing community. Once the British Rule came in, they re-developed Mumbai and made it their base. After the Indian independence, Mumbai became the fastest growing city in the world. It is the top financial hub of India, and is one of the alpha world cities because of its primary role in the global financial trade. It is a port city with many people employed in the port and shipping industry. Moreover, Mumbai’s workforce is majorly employed in state and government jobs like railways, etc. The population of the city increases every year because of the opportunities that Mumbai presents.

Current Status of Background Verification Companies in Mumbai

Background Verification Companies In Mumbai are losing their credibility as unprofessional companies have entered the market. Choosing the right employee background check services can be challenging with so many private background check companies in Mumbai. A business does not want to invest in background checks and then hire the wrong candidates.

Moreover, HR professionals are now aware that background checks are more than just formalities and require professional knowledge and resources. The cheapest background check company can be chosen by businesses, but doing so will be at the expense of the quality of the background checks that go on. The recruitment unit is aware that securing the best background verification companies in Mumbai will aid in preventing fraud.

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Background Verifications Performed
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Discrepancies detected
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Years Of Experience

Fastest-Growing BGV Company in Mumbai

Mumbai-based businesses rely on human capital to grow and succeed. Are you investing in the correct kind of human capital, this is the major issue. Companies in contemporary Mumbai need perfectly suited employees who are prepared for the tasks at hand. They must also be free of any criminal, fraud, or drug-related history. Choosing a candidate who passes each of these background checks will put you ahead of rival hiring managers.

At Proquest, we employ a qualified staff of background verification specialists with more than 10 years of expertise in the background check business. Our processes and tools are designed to meet current need for background checks in Mumbai. We authenticate all of the information provided by the job application during our background screening and verification process. It is our responsibility to identify inconsistencies in the information given and to look for data that may have been unintentionally or purposefully omitted.

Our Employee Background Check Services in Mumbai

Modern background check services are required by businesses in Mumbai if they want to reduce losses, boost profits, and stop fraud. The following are the areas background check companies are available to help:


Employment Verification

We do background checks on prospective employees as well as current employees.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

To prevent losses, due diligence entails a qualitative and quantitative review of the vendor.


Court Record Verification

We think it's important to have documents of our background checks' verification as proof of authenticity.


Educational Verification

We verify the validity of candidates' education information and eliminate any bogus diplomas.


Address Verification

It is essential for two reasons: first, it helps establish trust, and second, it sends firm assets.


Passport / Pan Check

For an efficient verification process, we provide quick and trustworthy passport and pan card inspections.

Customizable BGV Screening in Mumbai

We at Proquest tailor our background checks to fit any kind of requirement, whether it be for small-scale startups or well-established MNCs. All businesses are drawn to our price range since we keep it affordable and reasonable for all businesses out there.

Your business will benefit from complete transparency because you'll have access to a dashboard on our portal that contains all the pertinent employee background information. You can check the verification status at any time because it will be updated regularly.


Mission and Vision

Doing things correctly the first time and every time is something we stand by. We made it apparent to deliver exact information because of our experience working with several companies at all levels. This accurate knowledge is essential for a corporation before hiring a worker to hasten business decisions.

With a strong commitment to providing the finest customer experience, we provide customer delight.

  • A thorough background check business with a tried-and-true procedure and technical know-how.
  • Improving the organization's talent onboarding and screening processes.
  • Individualized and tailored solutions that uphold all of our commitments.
  • To provide perfect inspection in a short amount of time.
  • Through risk mitigation services, improve consistent deliveries and customer values.

Why Choose Proquest for background verification in Mumbai?

One of the most trustworthy and reliable background check businesses operating in Mumbai at the moment is ProQuest.



Modern tools and techniques are available to us in our pursuit of the truth.



We have more than 100 consumers in Mumbai who trust us since we are dependable.


10+ Years of Experience

Our great professionals at Proquest have a combined total of more than ten years' worth of experience in this field.


Panel of Professionals

Our team of experts offers both domestic and international checks, both from Mumbai.


Varied BGV Services

Document/Identity Verification, Employment Screening, Address Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Online Marksheet Verification, Drug Check, Credit Check, Social Media Screening, Global Watchlist Check, Economic Default Check, and many other services are all part of our BGV.

Mumbai - A Hub For MNC's

1 Lakh+ Background Checks Have Been Carried Out Both in India and Overseas. We've Worked With over 150+ Clients In 10 years of Background Verification Experience.

The success of a business depends heavily on the background check, also known as background verification, of prospective employees. The HR department of the customer can request either a quick check or a thorough search, and background checks can be selective. Today, some businesses mandate quarterly background checks on employees and even a social media check to gauge a candidate's candour. The success of your business is determined by the workforce you hire. The hiring department must have the knowledge, abilities, and resources necessary to move the business closer to its vision. A thoughtless hire costs the business a lot of money.

All businesses today, whether they are large conglomerates or fledgling startups, must conduct a reliable background investigation. Proquest steps in at this point and offers something wholly original.


Benefits of Background check

Proquest differentiates among the many background check businesses in Mumbai. This is why:

Avoid Lawsuits By Hiring Right

According to a poll, theft and other illegal actions can account for 20% of losses in any business. Proquest is so skilled at looking into someone's background that we can ensure that workplace theft and fraud will not occur. This is due to the sophisticated and successful background checks we do for MNCs. All parties engaged should work in a secure setting. Any business that compromises on background checks risks legal trouble, financial loss, and reputational harm.

Catching Discrepancies In CV To Avoid Fraud

We practice strict employee background checks that eliminate the selection of applicants who hide criminal backgrounds, identify theft, fake educational certificates, etc. Our experts use resources like database checks and software that verify digital credentials. They also do on-field investigations for validation. We focus on helping companies hire the right people.

Security & Compliance

Proquest has designed the background employee screening process to pass the most stringent security and compliance checks. We are one of the most reliable and authentic backgrounds check companies in India right now. We deliver results with credibility and proof of authenticity. We follow a legal process and abide by all privacy laws.

Save Company Costs

When you hire a worker, you consider more than just their wage; you also consider their reputation and the possibility for business expansion. Taking a chance on a poor hire entails much more than just a wage. Employee misconduct or under-qualification can harm production, team morale, and many other things. This type of employee management is laborious. Therefore, ProQuest attempts to prevent such risks to save millions of dollars in income.

Setting Hiring Standards

In India, the background checking and screening sector are still developing. Companies should research the credentials, experience, and licensing of the organization they are hiring to do background checks. There shouldn't be any unsuitable candidates who end up being a hassle. Proquest has performed over 1Lakh+ verifications and has years of experience. In this quick-paced sector, we set the bar.

Employee Productivity Booster

The entire pond can be ruined by one lousy fish! The team's overall morale will increase if the new hire fits in well and performs superbly. The right hire can increase productivity. Our background checks will search for any illegal activity and unprofessional behavior at work. We assist you in selecting the ideal worker for the position.

What Our Customers are Saying

Do you have

Here are all the answers for your questions. If you still have questions please contact us.

Any background check company's services are customized to the needs and operational requirements of the customer. An individual's given information to the company can be checked and verified by Proquest, a Mumbai based background verification organization with extensive resources and databases.
There are numerous background check businesses in Mumbai that are contracted or hired to inquire into the information provided by the applicant. One such business that provides top-notch background check services in Mumbai is Proquest.
Corporate and individual background checks are the two subcategories of the background verification procedure. So, based on the categories and services you choose for your employee background check, the price range for background checks varies.
Yes, Proquest offers background check services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and all other Indian states. Given that an employee is your company's most valuable asset, employee verification is an essential component of business operations in India. Employing now is simple with us!
Candidates must go through a long application process than those looking for jobs that require less security and clearance. The BGV services that background check businesses in Mumbai provide include global criminal database checks, and educational and employment verification checks, among others.

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in Mumbai