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Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital city of the state of Karnataka. It is most famous for its peaceful weather throughout the year and most infamous for its road traffic. Bangalore is the third most populated city in India, and for a very good reason. Every year, thousands of people pour into Bangalore because it is said to be the "silicon valley" of India. It is India's frontier in Information technology with the headquarters of almost all the major Multinational IT companies.

Bangalore is the fastest-growing metropolis city in India. It has a major contribution to India's economy through its service-oriented industrial expansion. Apart from IT, Bangalore also houses biotechnology, telecommunication, and various manufacturing industries. With such a good place, and tons of job opportunities, Bangalore is hard to miss. Since employment opportunities are ever-growing, there is a necessity for authentic, fast, and reliable background verification services in Bangalore.

Current Status of Background Verification Companies in Bangalore

There is a gradual decline in the credibility of Background Verification Companies in Bangalore due to the presence of many unprofessional companies. Considering the number of private background check companies in Bangalore, choosing the best one can be difficult. Businesses do not want to spend money on background checks only to hire problematic employees.

Human resources departments are also now realizing that background checks require more than just formalities and expertise. Choosing the lowest-priced background screening company can save the business money, but it risks reducing the reliability of the checks performed. The hiring department knows that selecting highly qualified background check companies in Bangalore will greatly assist in the detection of fraud.

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Background Verifications Performed
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Fastest-Growing BGV Company in Bangalore

Bangalore businesses rely on human capital for expansion and success. Are you making the right kind of human capital investments, this is the real query. Companies in today's Bangalore are looking for individuals who are perfectly suited and groomed for the positions they are hiring for. Additionally, they ought to have a spotless history free of fraud, drug use, or criminal activity. You will have an advantage over rivals if you hire someone who passes all of these background checks.

At Proquest, we employ a skilled group of background check specialists with more than ten years of experience in the background check business. To meet Bangalore's current demand for background checks, our methodologies and technologies were developed. All of the information provided by the job applicant is verified and screened as part of our background check process. Our responsibility is to identify inconsistencies in the data presented and to look for data that may have been accidentally or intentionally omitted.

Our Employee Background Check Services in Bangalore

Companies in Bangalore need state-of-the-art background verification services to cut losses, increase revenue, and avoid fraud. Here are the background verification services that will do the needful:


Employment Verification

We perform background checks on both potential employees and existing staff.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

The due diligence involves checking the vendor's information both qualitatively and quantitatively.


Court Record Verification

With our records of background checks, we firmly believe in delivering proof of authenticity.


Educational Verification

We remove phony degrees and verify the validity of the educational information provided by candidates.


Address Verification

It is essential because it promotes trust and more notably to send company assets.


Passport / Pan Check

For an efficient background verification process, we provide quick and trustworthy passport and pan card checks.

Customizable BGV Screening in Bangalore

Whether they are established MNCs or modest startups, At Proquest, we can customize our background checks to any requirement. All businesses are drawn to our price range because we keep it affordable and reasonable for all businesses out there.

Complete transparency will be provided to your business. from which you will be able to log into a dashboard on our portal that will hold all the significant employee background reports. The verification status will be updated regularly so that you can check at any time.


Mission and Vision

Our motto is "Do it right the first time and every time." Having worked with multiple companies at all levels, we provide precise information. To accelerate business decisions, it is crucial to obtain accurate information about a person before recruiting them..

Our mission is to provide the finest customer service possible.

  • Our company offers a thorough background check service with proven processes.
  • Assessing and recruiting talent optimally within an organization.
  • Our team delivers tailored and customized solutions in accordance with all our commitments.
  • To deliver flawless scrutiny in a fast turnaround time.
  • Our risk mitigation services enhance customer value and deliver consistent deliverables.

Why Choose Proquest for background verification in Bangalore?

ProQuest is one of the most dependable and authentic background check companies in Bangalore right now.



We have the latest advanced technologies and methods in order to determine the truth.



In Bangalore, we have more than a hundred clients who trust us because we are reliable.


10+ Years of Experience

In this business, Proquest is backed by an excellent team of highly qualified professionals.


Panel of Professionals

We offer background checks both domestically and internationally through our panel of professionals.


Varied BGV Services

he BGV services we offer include Education Verification, Online Marksheet Verification, Drug check, Document/Identity Verification, Credit check, Social Media Screening, Address Verification, Employment Screening, Court Record Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Education Verification, Global Watchlist check, and much more.

Bangalore - A Hub For MNC's

1 Lakh+ Background Screenings Have Been Completed On A National And Global Scale. We Have Provided Services To 150+ Clients In 10 Years Of Verification Experience.

A background check on prospective employees, also known as background verification, is essential to a business's success. The client's human resources department can request either a quick check or a thorough check, and background checks can be selective. Today, some businesses conduct background checks on new hires every three months and even look at a candidate's social media posts to gauge their candour. Your company's success is determined by the workforce you choose. To move the business closer to its vision, it is essential that the hiring department has the knowledge, abilities, and tools needed. The cost to the business of a careless hire is high.

n the modern era, a real background check is necessary for all businesses, whether they are large multinationals or fledgling startups. This is where ProQuest steps in and offers a wholly original proposition.


Benefits of Background check

There are many background check companies in Bangalore, but Proquest stands out. Here’s why:

Avoid Lawsuits By Hiring Right

A survey revealed that theft and other illegal activity can be the cause of 20% of losses in any business. Because Proquest has such knowledge and skills in checking someone's background, we can ensure that workplace theft and fraud will not occur. It's because we conduct sophisticated and successful background checks for MNCs. For all parties involved, we want to establish a secure work environment. Any business that disregards background checks risks legal, financial, and reputational consequences.

Catching Discrepancies In CV To Avoid Fraud

We use stringent background checks on new hires to remove candidates with histories of fraud, theft of identities, and other crimes. In order to verify digital credentials, our experts use tools like database checks and software. Additionally, for validation, they conduct on-site investigations. Our main goal is to support businesses in finding the best employees.

Security & Compliance

The background check procedure for new hires has been created by Proquest to pass the strictest security and compliance inspections. In India, we are among the most dependable and genuine background check companies. Results that are credible and authentic are what we deliver. In addition to adhering to all privacy laws, we follow a legal procedure.

Save Company Costs

The reputation and potential for business growth are also factors to consider when hiring an employee in addition to the salary. Hiring a subpar employee entails taking a lot more risk than just losing a salary. It can harm productivity, team morale, and much more if an employee is underqualified or engages in misconduct. It is difficult to manage these types of employees. By simply avoiding such risks, ProQuest hopes to save millions of dollars in revenue.

Setting Hiring Standards

In India, the industry for background checks and screening is still developing. Companies should research the qualifications, licences, and experience of the firm they are hiring to conduct background checks. No unqualified applicant ought to be permitted to win and cause trouble. More than 1Lakh+ verifications have been completed by Proquest over the years. In this dynamic sector, we set the bar.

Employee Productivity Booster

A single bad fish can ruin an entire pond! The team's overall morale will improve if the new employee is a great fit and performs exceedingly well. Productivity can be increased by making the right hire. We will look for any illegal activity and unprofessional behaviour at work during our background checks. We work with you to hand-pick the ideal candidate for the position.

What Our Customers are Saying

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Background check companies that provide BGV services will alter them per client demands and organizational requirements. Proquest, a background verification company in Bangalore conducts background checks and has access to numerous databases and resources to check the information that a candidate has provided to a company.
Numerous background check companies are contracted or hired in Bangalore to validate the data provided by the applicant. Companies like Proquest offer excellent background check services in Bangalore.
Corporate background checks and individual background checks are the two different categories of background checks. The price range for background checks will therefore depend on the categories and services you select for your employee background check.
Yes, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune, Proquest provides background check services throughout all of India. Employee verification is crucial to business operations in India because employees are your company's greatest asset. Now, hiring is a simple process!
Because of the higher security clearance requirements for those positions, candidates must go through a more involved application process than those applying for common positions. Background check companies in Bangalore offer a wide range of BGV services, such as checks of international criminal databases, checks of employment and educational credentials, and many more.

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in Bangalore