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About Proquest

Proquest provides Background verification services in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and also Bangalore covering all states of India. We offer a wide range of vendor screening services that fit your needs.

Employee verification is a crucial part of a business as an employee is the biggest asset of your company. To take your business to the next level, we aim to deliver background verification that helps you hire the right employee.

We aim to deliver value, trust and Satisfaction to our clients the best of background check services.

  • Employment Verification
  • VEndor Due Diligence
  • Court Record VErification
  • Education VErification
  • Drug Abuse Screening
  • Address Verification
  • Reference VErification
  • Global Criminal Database check
  • PaN / Passport check
  • Social media check

Why Clients trust us?

Proquest provides data security and affordable services with help of cutting edge technology. Our fast TATs, High Quality and affordable prices make us the best option in the Industry.
Services we provide are tailored to our client’s needs and business requirements.

Proquest offers customized solutions and caters to all your needs running from Employee verification, individual checks and social media Screening.

The services we provide are  tailored to our client’s needs and business requirements.


Proquest Consultancy is regarded as one of the Best Background Verification Companies across all the metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad known for its transparency and allegiancy. We provide Seamless Screening and due diligence Services across India with help of our strong network of partners and dedicated team.
Our Network allows us to get easy access to trustworthy information with confidentiality. This enables us to provide the best services to your company.

To enquire you can contact enquiry@proquestcs.com

We are widespread across India and hold the authenticity of finding the right kind of information. With access to International Databases we can help with applicant verification in any part of the globe with utmost precision.

We specifically cover USA and Europe Verifications other than the Indian Clients for integrated background check requirements.