Conducting a background check has become very much essential, now more than ever. If we see generally, there is a major risk involved for any profession when it comes to hiring an applicant.

Any employee is treated as an asset to the company- as they will be contributing or in other words- put their skills to work to uphold the company’s reputation.

If there is something that affects the reputation of an employee, believe it or not, it will one day bring a bad name to the company as well.

Screening is necessary for many professions.

But there are some specific jobs we would like to discuss wherein hiring is not complete without proper screening.

How to Get yourself verified?- Self Verification Process

Teachers and Principals

It’s not very surprising that schools hiring teachers conduct a proper background check for a pretty simple reason- their job requires them to spend more time with children.

It serves as a potential risk if the teacher being hired doesn’t have a decent background because whatever happens, children will be affected severely.

Teachers should be stern and at the same time warm and compassionate. If their background check proves the existence of these qualities, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

What Employers Will Discover in A Background Check?

Healthcare Professionals

Everyone working in the medical sector- Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Pathologists, Pharmacists should have no criminal background.

Here’s why.

If any drugs, medicines or medical equipment falls into the wrong hands, it will be very dangerous- not just for the doctors and patients, but for the hospital management and the country if they turn out to be smugglers to the underworld.

Government Jobs/Civil Servants

People working as IAS, IPS, IRS and IFS Officers and other high-profile jobs for the Indian Government are seen as very respectable people for they serve the country to a major extent.

Becoming a government official is perhaps one of the toughest jobs. Firstly because they have to clear the UPSC exams which are considered to be the hardest entrance exams.

Secondly, their background. Their background has to be spotless and anything less will not be accepted.

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Bankers, accountants and other jobs in the finance sector should be verified thoroughly.

They have access to sensitive information which if handled by the wrong person will put the organization or any prospective client in serious trouble.

Everything starting from educational background to financial and criminal background is checked for these people.

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IT and Computer Engineers

Candidates applying for an IT job or any other job related to computers have to understand that they will be handling a lot of sensitive information like the finance people as mentioned before.

So, that is why IT and Computer Engineers are properly screened as well.

Be it Teachers, Doctors or Government Officials, you should be able to trust the person if you want them to work for you.

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