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Proquest is a Background verification company in India that specializes in Background checks and screening of an employee requested by an employer or an individual. Our unique background verification process goes through automated software developed by our company. With this software, the process is highly accurate and fast. As a screening company, we believe the value of trust has stagnated in the modern world. But for any business to run successfully, TRUST is essential. In this competitive world, no one has time for verification or check about the employed person. Here, we come into the picture as your background verification partner in India who can check and screen your employee to give your company the best.

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We Deliver Trust with our Background Checks

We at Proquest understand the value of trust, so we try to empower other companies with our knowledge. Our services grant extensive research into the background of a company’s employees. It enables doing business with the most updated and authentic profile of them. To mitigate fraud risks, we help companies check the backgrounds of their employees. We also indulge in vendor background checks and self-background verification to increase credibility. Employment screenings can help protect you against everything from unexpected performance problems to risky on-the-job behaviour.


Our Background Verification Services in India


Employment Verification

We do both pre-employment background verification and employee background verification.


Vendor Due Diligence / KYC

Due diligence is qualitative and quantitative check about the vendor to avoid any losses.


Court Record Verification

We believe in providing proof of authentication with our background verification records.


Educational Verification

We check if the education details provided by candidates are valid and remove fake degrees.


Address Verification

It is vital because it helps to build trust, and most importantly to send company assets.


Passport / Pan Check

We offer fast and reliable passport and pan card checks for a smooth verification process.

Why Choose Proquest for Background Checks?

At Proquest, we have accredited professionals that strive to apply "trust" the right way for organizations. Gone are the days when businesses were just dependent on blind trust. Today, every person on this planet has a digital footprint making background checks necessary. We at Proquest trace all the data, do all screenings, and connect all the missing links to prove the individual's credibility and trustworthiness.

Since our inception, we have been the most trusted company in India with extensive expertise in background verification. Our background verifications can alone improve your chances of success by 70%. Any organization will hire only that person whose profile has an authentic background check done by a leading company like Proquest.


Why is Background Verification in India Important?

The importance of checking the background of Indian employees has never been greater. There is absolutely no question about why background verification and screening are crucial for a company, as this digital revolution has given birth to many scams and identity thefts. It doesn’t take much to tarnish the reputation of any organization. A single news article of misbehavior or any offense done by an employee will result in lawsuits against the company. It can also impact the company's market value which will directly affect stakeholders, Therefore thorough checks and verifications can help maintain a good work environment, increase productivity, and increase the company’s credibility.

Background Verification for a Company

Apart from the capital invested by a company, Human capital is an important asset. A company is always built by a team, and we believe that having a background check for employees is an important aspect in this modern world. So, if proper background verification isn’t performed then it might result in a bigger loss for the company.

In this world, where trust is the biggest issue, detailed background verification is mandatory for an MNC or for smaller companies as well. Here at Proquest we always strive to minimize the manual process of verification which might have delays and the possibility of mistakes and prioritize automation with our own Software.


Background Verification in India is now quick with us

Types of Background Check

Once the above said background check process is performed completely then there will be higher chances of retaining candidates. Some companies face losses after getting to know their employee’s true nature. In order to fix this issue, the “Employee Background Check” is a necessary step. The process of pre-employment screening is something all senior management, hiring staff, and HR are actively indulging in.

The types of background checks include verifying documents such as:

  • Identity.
  • Education.
  • Past Employment.
  • Criminal Records.
  • License Documents.
  • Credit History, etc.

Issues if Background Verification is not Performed

The work environment is no place for strangers. A good work culture promotes the spirit of teamwork, and for a team to work together, they must be comfortable and safe with each other. Your company might hire someone with a violent criminal past without knowing anything about it. The lives of other employees are in danger if an extensive background check is not done before hiring. Being one of the trusted background check companies in India, we take pride in making hundreds of workplaces safe all over India.
A stringent background check also uncovers the candidates' intentions, desire to work, and work ethics. It often happens that companies hire someone with a bad attitude, and no will to actually work on the assigned project. This damages the team morale and collective productivity. As one of the leading background check companies in India, we strive to help company HR to hire only those candidates who will increase productivity. We verify the education details and skills acquired by the candidate, so that the HR can match it with the job role, and is certain that the employee will perform.
Years of reputation gained by a company can go away in seconds if cases such as illegal activities, misconduct, or sexual harassment at the workplace go viral on the internet. These cases can happen within any company whether it be an MNC or a start-up. Regardless of the company size, the reputation of the company is at stake. To avoid such cases and loss of reputation, it should be mandatory to do a thorough background check of company hires.

Benefits of Background verification to a company


Improved quality of hire

Avoid negligent hiring by doing an authentic background check of your company’s job applicants. With a thorough background verification process, it becomes easier for the company HR to choose the right applicants. The overall quality of hire improves as the checks act as an early filter.


Improved Regulatory compliance

Every company out there is aware of the laws and regulations. Your company’s adherence to such guidelines is known as regulatory compliance. By doing a pre-employment background check, your company is complying with the laws of India from the start. It results in improved work culture as well.


Cost savings

Your company can save costs by doing background checks that, if not done, will result in money wasted on lawyers, compensations, etc. if the bad hire engages in illegal activities.


Improved productivity

A good background verification also gives the company an idea about the employee’s productive performance. A background report validates the skills, education, and past work experience of the candidate. This enables the company to hire only those candidates who are 100% eligible for the job role.


Reduces risk of negligent Hiring

Your company is liable if any unlawful practices are done by an employee who had a similar past. By letting us take care of the overhead of making these background checks, your company can reduce the risk of negligent hiring.


Resume Fraud elude

Job applicants who have a bad background often try to withhold that information from the employer. Withholding important information that could affect the company is a crime. Therefore, in our strict background checks, we verify all the information provided by the candidate in the resume and check if any sensitive information is intentionally kept away.

Benefits of Choosing Proquest From All Background Verification Companies in India

Don’t JUST trust us to trust others. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get by choosing us.



Our seamless verification process makes it easy for all parties involved. Background checks have never been this fast! You might think we already knew about the candidate. The rise in technology gave us the opportunity to use advanced methods and techniques to do background checks. We constantly keep improving in this fast-paced industry.


Dedicated Software

A Key part of any background check service is the ability to have dedicated software for their client. Proquest provides software that is tailored to your needs & delivers you an overview of any active check with a real-time status update of each candidate.


Reliable service

The market is populated with inexperienced background check companies in India. They just jumped on the bandwagon because of the popularity of the background check industry. With Proquest, you’ll get the finest, most authentic, and most experienced verification team backing you up. We are well on our way to earning the top spot among the best background check companies in India.


What Our Customers are Saying

Do you have

Here are all the answers for your questions. If you still have questions please contact us.

Yes, background checks are very much legal in India. There are background check companies in India that are hired by organizations to verify all the details that the individual has submitted. It is not allowed to collect sensitive or personal information of an individual, without the consent of the individual.
Our unique background verification process goes through an automated software, developed by our company. With this software the process is highly accurate and fast. You’ll get the finest, most authentic, and most experienced verification team backing you up.
Our seamless verification process makes it easy for all parties involved. Background checks have never been this fast! Usually the Background verification process might take around 10 to 15 working days.
We follow a clear legal procedure to regulate the verification in question. In the process, we address each of the associated candidate's academic, experience, and residential assessments specified in the documents. We ensure to maintain a detailed verification and enquiry processes among all the involved parties.
Proquest provides data security and affordable services with help of cutting-edge technology. Fast TATs, High Quality, and affordable prices are tailored based on needs and business requirements. Background check companies in India customize solutions to cater to all the verifications that are asked for.

A careless hire is very costly to the company. Get the best BGV in India